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Couples are always looking for ways to spice up their sex lives no matter what part of the planet they live in. Part of that is due to many relationships falling into monotonous lives and sex. Before long, both become boring and predicable. In the end, it can lead to partners losing interest in intercourse altogether. Worse yet, some turn to cheating or breaking up. Thankfully, there are many ways by which couples can spice up their sex lives. In the bedroom, there can be romance, raunchiness or something in between. Below are some of the best tips to make sex with your partner better than ever.


We all get a “What’s for dinner” or “What are you doing?” text from our partners. Although they are great, they can become boring after a while. Sending out arousing sexting messages can change that. Use specifics in your sexy messages. This can help build up sexual inhibitions and tensions until you get home. Some couples send each other sex pics or arousing images to get the mood going and get their partners aroused.


Although some may think of porn as something only young horny men and women do, it is not always the case. Many couples watch porn videos together as a way to spice up their sex lives. Today, a great deal of the porn found online is geared towards couples. They contain dialogue, fantasies, role-playing and other scenarios. Any of them can lead to ideas to make you have better sex. And they can arouse both of you into exploring one another. Some of the porn videos involving threesomes are great for either of you. Threesome sex is something many couples fantasize about.


Couples who been married or together for a long time can become bored with their relationships and sex life. Playing games which are sexual in nature can change that. Even challenging your partner to a regular game can do the trick. The key is to make the winner choose a sex act as a payback.


Setting the right scene to get your partner and yourself in the mood for sex is crucial. Things such as lighting candles or dimming the lights come to mind. The same for putting on sexy lingerie or playing romantic music. Any or all of them will put you and your partner in the mood.


A great deal of couples are using role-play as a way to spice up their intimate relations. Cosplay or dressing up is very popular these days. Proof can be found in the thousands of cosplay adult videos online. They depict couples who use dressing up to set fire to their lovemaking. Plus, you can utilize role-play outside your bedroom as well.


Hectic lifestyles are the biggest factors for couples not having enough sex. Being busy all day can make anyone too tired to even think about it. But scheduling time for intercourse can help change that. You can add it to your calendar if you have to. In an age where people are always prioritizing things, it is an excellent idea. Planning ahead will also let you choose different venues, outfits, positions and other things.


Passion will fade with time according to sex experts. It’s why talking and sharing your sexual desires with each other is important. Communication is something many couples lack or don’t do enough of. Whisper something sexy into his or her ear to get the mood going. Some couples like to talk and share something new each week, month or year. Doing so will keep things livened up and exciting.