How Long Does It Take To Replenish Sperm After Sex?

//How Long Does It Take To Replenish Sperm After Sex?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at a few of the crazy interesting facts about sperm.

Scientists discovered sperm a long long time ago. In 1677, a Dutch microscope maker Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek decided to put semen under a microscope and discovered little sperms swimming around.

Sperm stick around longer than you think. Yep, sperm is similar to one person who won’t leave your house after you’ve given them a million signals that it’s time to go. Sperm can actually live in a woman’s body for up to five whole days. So, if you’ve been in an unprotected sex during the time of the month and you think you’re fertile, these little swimmers could be doing the back stroke in getting you pregnant.

A man’s diet affects how his semen tastes. No two semen taste the same. If your dude eats a lot of red meat or smelly foods like onions and garlic, chances are, the taste of his semen might not be too great. But if he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly, his semen could be a lot more pleasant-tasting. By the way, semen and sperm are not the same thing. The term semen refers to all the stuff a guy ejaculates during an orgasm and sperm is just the one ingredient within it.

There are actually two types of sperm; Y chromosome (Men’s sperm) and the X chromosome (Female sperm). Y chromosome combined with an egg’s X Chromosome made for male baby. Whereas X chromosome combined with the egg’s X chromosome made for female baby.

How long does it take a man’s body to replenish sperm?

On average, you can take anywhere between 65 all the way up to 75 days. It’s a very important fact to remember just because it would be very helpful for male fertility folks who are trying to improve their sexual parameters.

If you give your man antioxidant and vitamins or medication to change their hormones, you need to wait at least a three month mark before you see a real change in their semen parameters. It takes that long to make a new batch of sperm.

On the other hand, there is the thing in Tantra that says men lose energy when they ejaculate. Thus, as men get older, they need to be ejaculating less. In addition, there are practices in which you can learn how to get a pleasure without being fixated or being focused on the idea of ejaculation.

When it comes to having ejaculated, different people go to different periods of what we call refractory period. It happens when you have ejaculated and you need a rest period before you can ejaculate again. For some men, it can be a few minutes and for others, it can be an hour, a day or even more, depends on the person.

Testosterone also plays a huge role in replenishing the sperm. Testosterone is possible to be produced and reproduced naturally through enough exercise and healthy lifestyle. If you suspect that you have low testosterone, you may want to go for a checkup.